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Eric Louviere’s “Mentoring Blueprint” Online Certification Program:
Supercharge Your Career By Mentoring Others To Achieve Their Biggest Dreams!
This Incredible Program Provides You With Everything You Need To Skyrocket A Thriving Career In Virtually Any Niche Field You Pursue!
  • Kick-start or scale-up your coaching, mentoring, speaking, training or consulting career quickly
  • Help people transform their “inner-game mindsets” to achieve ANY goals!
  • Help entrepreneurs transform their businesses and careers
  • Does not matter if you’re new or advanced or already established!
  • Is perfect if you feel stuck or limited in your current career or business and need a massive spark to ‘level-up’
  • Will give you the tools, the curriculum and a full-blown-system to take people through that is proven and gets results
  • Every business and every entrepreneur needs to earn more and work less, now you can help them achieve that!
  • You’ll be able to take this coaching curriculum and add it to your existing coaching curriculum if you are already a coach or mentor or consultant.
  • You get everything: the steps, the curriculum, the scripts, the entire system, marketing materials and everything you can think of to do business for many-many years (even a lifetime!)
After Earning Millions Of Dollars From Mentoring & Coaching People From Around The World (For The Past 12 Years), I’ll Teach And Coach YOU A ‘Blueprint System’ On How To Transform Other People’s Lives, Like I Have!
From: Eric Louviere
“The Million Dollar Marketer”
Lakeway, Texas
Attention Colleague —

I’ve owned many different types of businesses over my 20-year career as an entrepreneur and I’m here to tell you . . . the most lucrative thing I’ve ever done (by far) is mentoring other people.

Mentoring other people produces high-ticket prices and it’s easier than you might realize it is… especially if you have a proven system to take people through! (Which is what you get here!)

If you are someone looking for an exciting new career, even if you’re new, this is one of the very best moves you could ever make.

I’ve decided to take all my experience from 12 years of coaching people, from all walks of life, and PACKAGE IT ALL UP into an easy to follow “blueprint system” and certification program.

This new program will reveal all my secrets, all my methods and all my systems for kick-staring this new career of yours . . . or supercharging your existing career through the roof!

Oh . . . and I do have a wealth of methods for:

  • Getting new clients chasing you down to hire you
  • How to free-up your time and only work 1-2 days per week!
  • How to start from PURE SCRATCH!
  • How to not even talk to people, yet coach and transform them through emails and an online course!
  • How to manage clients
  • How to handle clients who turn out to be difficult
  • How to command very high ticket prices
  • How to position yourself, even if you’re new
  • How to charge, what prices to charge and how to set up all your offers the right way
  • How to get residual, ongoing revenue from your clients
  • How to assign them work and hold them accountable in a friendly way they enjoy
  • How to conduct “discovery calls” or “intake calls” or “kick off interviews” to uncover their strengths, weaknesses and low-hanging fruit
  • How to build this business without YOU doing any of the coaching at all! Speak to no clients, deal with zero clients, yet build a windfall of a business around mentoring and consulting!
  • How to tap into the 3 main areas all businesses need to earn more revenue but only 10% even do! (gold mine!)
  • How to transform yourself in this process!
  • How to take your existing life, business or career and supercharge it fast!
  • The steps to starting a brand new career (point by point)
  • The psychology of success
  • How to only work with dynamic people, positive people and amazingly incredible people
  • How to be so excited about your career and business, you leap out of bed in the morning eager to hit the ground running . . . a new lease on life, if you will!
You Get Everything You Need 
To Transform Other People’s Lives!
You will get the steps, the scripts, the curriculum and the entire system to take people from pure-scratch (from a standstill) to full blown transformation!

And Listen . . . there’s just no better feeling than watching your clients go through life-changing transformations!

“Do You Want To Transform Lives And Coach People But Need Something To Coach People On . . . Then This Is Exactly For You!
For example, during the discovery call, 90% of the call is just asking the right questions and letting your clients talk. Let them answer the questions, take notes and they will reveal everything.

You literally walk people through the system, but they are the one’s getting breakthrough after breakthrough. They are the one’s who are getting the huge “aha!” moments.

Heck, all you have to do is read to them.

Actually, you could coach people without ever talking to them at all! I’ll show you how.

Look — most people out there have big dreams and goals, but they get in their own way. Most know what to do, but just don’t do those things. Most out there are scared . . . and hold themselves back . . . and limit themselves significantly!

I’ll show you all the steps.  

Be a good listener and simply follow the steps I show you. If you can ask questions (even via emails) then you can do this and master this entire system!
In fact, if your clients are not doing 90% of the talking, you’re doing this mostly wrong! Let them talk!
I’ll give you the curriculum and I’ll teach you every step to take. All you have to do is follow the directions . . . the scripts . . . and you’re there!

For the first time ever, I’m giving you the curriculum to give them!

This certification program will give you the confidence and certainty to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt you are helping people achieve THEIR goals. You will know your price is worth every red cent and then some. You will have no doubts you can transform lives!
This Is An Entire New Career, An Entire New Business, You Can Earn From For The Rest Of Your Life . . . In Virtually Any Field You Pursue!
When the economy crashed, coaching and mentoring still made me hundreds of thousands per year. When big changes and new regulations crippled the marketplace . . . coaching and mentoring remained solid as can be!

When the markets got saturated, coaching and consulting remained very strong (coaching became stronger in fact!)

I believe I’ve personally coached more people in my market than anyone else in the entire marketplace over the past 12 years. It’s always been there for me, month after month, year after year!

I’ve been able to take summer long vacations with my family, month long vacations snowboarding & skiing. I’ve gone 3 years averaging working only 3 days per week for the entire year!

Yet, millions have poured in.

Mostly from coaching clients!

And 90% of my income has come from what I’m going to teach you here.

In The Process Of Learning How To Transform Other People’s Lives, You’ll Transform Your Own Life!
The same principles that apply to your clients, apply to you as well. The same barriers holding them back, hold you back as well. The same breakthroughs they experience are the same breakthroughs you’ll experience!

The best way to master and learn anything is to teach it and do it!

This program is 100% valuable enough just from what you’ll learn, much less the certification and mastering of an entire curriculum and system to coach and train others on!

I mean, what I’m saying here, is you’ll ALSO transform your own life while learning how to transform your clients’ lives! How powerful is that?

It will serve you for a lifetime! This is a recipe or a license to teach a proven (10+ year proven system) to people from around the world and in any situation!

For example, you can:
  • Coach employees of a company
  • Coach CEO’s of a company
  • Coach in live classroom environments
  • Coach in seminars or workshops of your own!
  • Coach people 1on1 via Skype or phone
  • Coach people via emails only! (no talking to people)
  • Coach people in group coaching environments
  • Coach people with videos
  • Coach people with audios or reports or cheat-sheets
  • Coach people in private groups (like Facebook or LinkedIn groups)
And . . .
You Can Build A Team Or Have 
That’s right, I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of clients I’ve never spoken to at all. Many of them got coached by some other expert I made a deal with, or I built my own team of mentors who did all the coaching!

I even took 4 of my own employees and staff members and trained them on my systems from scratch so they can coach all the clients I brought on.

Guess what they went on to do?

That’s right, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (even millions) coaching and servicing clients themselves!

LISTEN, if you don’t want to be the one coaching people yourself, you can build a team around this curriculum and system, where THEY do the coaching of the clients FOR YOU!

This really appeals to a lot of people because they can scale the company to unlimited levels. Think about it, if you are not the sole coach, you can grow as big as you want!

The sky is the limit . . . and there are no restrictions.
Eric . . . What If I’m Not An Expert And 
Am New To Coaching & Mentoring?
I get that question all the time. Many out there feel they are not an expert at anything yet and may not be worthy of coaching people.

This is a preconceived notion and it’s wrong. I mean, it’s normal to feel that way anytime something is new, but it’s not true. It’s a limiting belief and we can squash that fast inside the program!

In fact, this is one of the biggest barriers there is, for almost everyone out there!

Without giving away all the secrets to how you can overcome this limited belief, let me give you one hint:

Your customers or clients do not really care much about you . . . they care about themselves! You don’t have to be a world-renowned expert (and they really don’t care) you just have to be able to help them solve their problem.

In other words, it’s fine and dandy if you’re brand new, a non-expert, and have never coached a single person your entire life thus far! We’ll solve that limited belief FAST!

Eric . . . What Exactly Will I Coach People To Do?
I will train you on how to coach people to:
• Achieve their dreams by following your “goal achieving system”
The footsteps to achieving dreams & goals are the same, and the people who fail to achieve their dreams are missing the footsteps. I don’t care if their goal is to lose weight, or to scale a business, to become a millionaire, to find Mr. Right, or drive traffic to an online website . . . the footsteps to achievement are the same!

Mastering these footsteps yourself, and being able to coach people on those same footsteps, can not only unlock the chains holding your clients back . . . but can unlock the chains holding YOU back as well!

I’ll show you the system and train you on how to teach your clients this system as well. I’ll give you the curriculum and the steps to coach them.

You can now help anyone achieve his or her dreams! I think that’s a pretty huge market don’t you? Who does not want to achieve dreams?

I will train you on how to coach people to:
• Earn more money in business, while working less!
How many business owners are there in the world? Millions?

And how many business owners work too hard and earn too little? Millions?

The market is unlimited.

They all want to earn more revenue, more profits and live more free lives . . . but they find themselves working way too many hours, struggling to survive as a business, and earning less and less profits (net income)

How would you like to coach these entrepreneurs on how to earn more profits, work less, live a more freedom lifestyle, and enjoy their careers again?

For me, this is one of the missions of my life . . . to help my brothers and sisters in business, succeed!

I’ll coach and train you on how to coach and train them!

Can you see why I’ve earned millions doing this now? It’s huge and the market is ridiculously gigantic. I’m not afraid of competition and neither will you. It’s too huge of a world and there are millions and millions of business around the world.

I will train you on how to coach people to:
  • Coach entrepreneurs
  • Coach Online Marketers
  • Coach small business owners
  • Coach personal development to ANYONE on planet Earth!
  • Coach employees
  • Coach teens
  • Coach women
  • Coach parents
  • Coach Career Change
  • Coach health, fitness or weight loss or beauty
  • Coach children
  • Coach families
  • Coach spirituality, enlightenment, faith or transformation
  • Coach salespeople
  • Coach MLM people
  • Coach CEO’s
  • Coach experts and gurus
  • Coach business opportunity seekers
Coach just about anyone who wants MORE in life!
I’m Passing The Baton Over 
To You To Run With Now!
Here’s What You Get When You Enroll In This Program:
When you dive into this incredible certification program, you’ll get 24-hour access to:
  • Over 28 Hours Of Video & Audio Instruction! I’ll personally show you how to transform other people’s lives through a “goal achieving system” that is fun, fascinating and enjoyable to teach others!
  • You’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to get new clients . . . how to get them chasing you down to hire you . . . how to get them referring new clients to you . . . how to charge premium, high-ticket prices . . . how to charge monthly and get residual ongoing revenue . . . and how to up-sell and cross-sell your clients earning you even more in the backend of your new career.
  • You’ll discover how to guide & coach your clients from scratch to massive breakthroughs! I’ll show you how to coach, train, facilitate, interview and transform people from failure to “dream-achieving-success”
  • I’ll give you the scripts, tools, methods, curriculum and every detail needed to start and grow a successful new coaching career for yourself (from scratch)! I’ll give you everything I have to become as successful as you want to be in this exciting career of yours!
  • You’ll discover how to have your own breakthroughs while transforming your own life! Usually, most of my clients here discover breakthroughs simply because now they are teaching these techniques. In other words, now that they are teaching others these methods . . . they are able to see all this in a new angle (a new light) than they did before, which produces massive success. There’s a big difference between learning something and learning something with the intention of teaching it! You’ll see. It’s a major breakthrough environment for you too, as the coach!
  • You’ll be able to take this coaching curriculum and add it to your existing coaching curriculum if you are already a coach or mentor or consultant. If you already have an existing coaching business, you can take this curriculum and methods, and couple all my systems with your existing systems. Heck, just the methods on how to get new clients chasing you down is worth the price of admission alone for you!
  • How to overcome objections and price resistance. I’ll also teach you how to get and retain new clients. I’ll share with you my proven methods I’ve used to earn millions of dollars as a coach or consultant. I’ll show you how to market your offers and how to position yourself effectively to command the highest prices.
  • I’ll show you how to manage clients, how to organize them, and how to get them positive results. I’ll show you how to manage a booked solid schedule, how to free up your time, how to manage workload, how to outsource, how to streamline your clients, how to use automation, and how to get them glowing about their results!
  • I’ll show you how to coach people (step by step) without ever having to talk to anyone at all. Yes, I’ll show you how to earn windfalls and own a thriving consulting business without having to talk to any clients at all. My friend, this is worth the price of admission alone and is a surefire life-changer!
  • And so much more!
Plus, LIVE, Bi-Weekly 
Online Coaching With Me!
Every two weeks I’ll be on a live group coaching call where I’ll answer all your questions, record the sessions and provide them in the members’ area.

These calls will be part instructional and part Q&A usually. You can attend these calls live and ask any question you have. I can critique sales copy, critique ideas and systems, help solve problems, help with any sticking points or speed bumps you encounter, clear anything up, fill in the gaps… etc.

Plus, you get the recordings of the calls to watch/listen to every time.

These calls are also tremendous for motivating you and inspiring you to raise your game! Get a dose of enthusiasm or positivity as you scale your business higher!

You get these live calls every two weeks (bi-weekly)!
Detailed Scripts, Cheat-sheets, Handouts 
And Marketing Materials Provided!
You’ll get user-friendly scripts and cheat-sheets to follow along with. You can utilize these scripts and cheat-sheets to walk your clients from A to Z (start to finish) in your program.

Just follow along and read along, and guide your clients through the scripts (steps) and you’ll blow them away! They will be thrilled and delighted with your program as you help them one step at a time.

Plus, you’ll get more written materials to use in other trainings you facilitate!

AND, you’ll get marketing materials included as well… such as lead capture pages, copywriting formulas, ads, emails and more!

Even if you get a client right away, you can grab the scripts and walk the client through the steps right away. You’ll be prepared immediately to coach anyone in any situation at any time!

Just follow the scripts!

Full Blown Presentations Provided!
(Keynote and PowerPoint Presentations!)
You’ll get templates you can customize how you see fit. Use these presentations to teach the curriculum I’ll teach you.
Curriculum includes:
  • How to train small business owners to work less and earn more
  • How to train ANYONE (including business owners) how to achieve their dreams and goals
  • How to start and grow an online information marketing or niche marketing business online (traffic, conversions, product creation, affiliate marketing, etc)
Basically, these template presentations are best for the following markets:
  • Personal Development
  • Online Business (Internet Marketing)
  • Small Business Owners
  • Or just about anyone who is looking to achieve goals and dreams of any kind!
Ready To Get Started?

Grand Opening & Early-Bird Special

*Limited Time Only!

NOTE: At this time this is a brand-new program and just getting started. Be one of the charter members and help us create the entire course alongside us.

Because of this being brand new, we are offering an incredible discount for a limited time only.  

Very soon, the program will cost $4,995 but right now, since this is in it’s earliest stages, we will provide the entire program to you for a massive discount!

Price Soon To Be $4,995

Limited Early Bird Special Price:
Only 997 for an entire new 
career and business!
Or 5 Payments of 297 for an entire 
new career and business!

I, and my entire team is dedicated to your success and transformation. I guarantee this program’s satisfaction or your money back. Take it for a test ride for 30 days and if this is not for you, we’ll give you every penny back.

There is no risk for you. Try it out and see how it matches up with you.

We want every customer here to be 100% thrilled with this program from top to bottom and if for whatever reason you’re not thrilled with this entire program, please let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you your money back.

For An Exciting & Lucrative New Career And Business, Enroll Right Now Below!

Price Soon To Be $4,995

Limited Early Bird Special Price:
Only 997 for an entire new 
career and business!
Or 5 Payments of 297 for an entire 
new career and business!
See You Inside!

Eric Louviere
The Million-Dollar Marketer!
P.S: Think about this real fast . . . this program gives you everything you need to produce income for yourself for many-many years to come (if not for the rest of your entire life). That’s priceless to many.
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